Saw the tweet here: I voted for you because I believed you would be fare to illegals and now my family is suffering!

This seems to be a controversial subject. People on both the left and right have come out in support and opposition of this father.

The gist of it of is this: A father of a cancer stricken child posted a plea to Trump's Twitter feed. In it was a letter that described his wife's and his son's situation. His wife was encouraged to "self-deport" after being in America for 18 years to "right the wrong she did", as she lacked a visa or citizenship.

After deporting herself, her son was diagnosed with cancer. His doctors think it's important that his mother is with him during treatment. However, because his mother does not have citizenship, a visa, and was in the US for over 18 years with neither, ICE will not let her into the US to see her son.

The controversy stems from the father's interpretation of both Trump's rhetoric and his administration's immigration policies.

Tweets in question:

Transcription of the letter to Trump in the father's first tweet found here:

My wife self-deported back to Mexico on January 9th of this year. She had come here illegally nearly 18 years ago. By self-deporting, she was hoping to right the wrong she did. July 20th we learned that our 5 year old son Ashton had a very large cancerous tumor in his kidney. He is now undergoing chemo treatments in Atlanta. We began the process of applying for an Expedited Humanitarian Parole and a Humanitarian Visa. We had assistance from Congresswoman Karen Handel’s office and Senator Johnny Isakson’s office. We have letters from the doctors stating the importance of having both parents to help in the healing process both emotionally and physically. Even though we did everything we knew to do, everything was denied by ICE. My son and I are American Citizens. You say that you want to protect Citizens from the illegals, but you forget that not all illegals are bad people. As Americans, my son, myself. as well as my family who is having to help me raise Ashton, are suffering because of the current immigration policies.

I am asking you to please help me bring my wife home so that my son can have his mommy with him as he is going through such a horrible time in his life. He doesn’t understand why mommy hasn’t come home yet. Not allowing my wife to come back to the United States is not protecting American Citizens, it is actually hurting some of them. I am sure that my family is not the only one being hurt by our immigration policies. It seems that ICE has no checks and balances under their complete discretionary powers (they are allowed to be judge, jury, and executioner). Americans have the rights to appeal any judgements against them; but ICE allows no appeals. Also, ICE doesn’t seem to understand what “humanitarian” means…especially to a child needing his mommy. As a Trump supporter, I agree that our immigration laws need to be addressed. But, we need help right now. Please call me if possible to discuss this issue.

Thank You.

I have a few questions for NNs:

  • Regarding the first Tweet, do you think being fair to illegals is something ICE should be concerned with? Did you get the impression that ICE would scrutinize illegal aliens based on whether they were good or not?
  • Are there such things as good illegals? Should they get special consideration and fairness, like this father is suggesting? How do we decide who the good illegals are?
  • Do you agree or disagree with this statement: "That may be the case sometimes but Mexico doesn't send people across. There are actually some good people in Mexico that want to have a better life, granted they don't always do it the right way. But that doesn't make them all bad" ?
  • Do you think citizens are being protected by such a policy? Do you agree or disagree with the statement "You say that you want to protect Citizens from the illegals, but you forget that not all illegals are bad people"?
  • Do you think this mother should get special consideration by ICE because her child and husband are American citizens? Does it matter that her child has cancer and his doctors think he needs her support?
  • Do you think Trump should intervene in this case, like the father believes he should?
  • Do you think that the way ICE is reacting to this situation goes along with the policies the father voted for, or should this be a genuine surprise to him?

I appreciate any NNs who take the time to read and respond to this topic, I know it's a long one! I'm genuinely interested in hearing what you have to say about this situation, the reactions I've seen to it have been pretty surprising on both the right and left!

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